What Time Do Pools Usually Open? (Standard Hours)

Pools are popular places for people to go and enjoy a cool dip in the water under the sun. But, unfortunately, most water parks and pools are not open 24 hours a day. Instead, they operate within a fixed time interval. These time restraints can put a damper on your plans if you don’t know when the local pools open!

Pools generally open between 7 AM and 10 AM. However, the time of day (and time of year) that a pool opens varies on the location and type of pool involved. In addition, pool opening times may be subject to change on weekends and holidays.

There are different time ranges during the day and the year that different types of pools follow. We will delve into each of the main pool types and their average hours below. Hopefully, you will learn what to expect next time you visit a pool in the early morning or afternoon!

What Time Do Public Pools Open?

Public pools are located in many communities across the nation so people can enjoy the summer heat. These pools typically have lifeguards on active duty. However, these pools do not have many unique features, like giant water slides or lazy rivers.

Public pools aren’t always open year-round like hotel pools. Instead, many public pools have specific times and seasons during the year in which they are open. The timing usually coincides with the summer or the hottest months of the year.

Public pools have a multitude of different time ranges for opening. A public pool’s opening time for the day fluctuates with the community, county, or state. This is due to the preference of the owners and what time business hours are for them. For example, some pools may rake in more revenue in certain areas by opening later in the afternoon. Conversely, other pools may increase profits by opening early in the morning. Public pool owners ultimately adjust the pool hours accordingly to their clientele’s preferences.

Typically, public pools open the water for swimming between the hours of 7 AM to 12 PM. As stated above, differences in opening times do exist. Community pools may appear open before the hours listed on the sign, but there may not be a lifeguard on duty to help protect you. Between the time range listed above, a lifeguard will usually be on duty to keep you and others safe. Though, once these hours have passed, the pool may permit unsupervised pool time.

What Time Do Water Park Pools Open?

Water park pools are slightly different than public pools with their opening hours. The primary difference is the number of staff members on duty. Water parks require significantly more staff members on active duty to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

For example, lifeguards are needed to protect swimmers, vendors are required to sell snacks and drinks, and maintenance workers must be present should any water park attractions experience any technical difficulties. A water park is very similar to an amusement park, but with more water attractions instead of rollercoasters!

With so many employees required to run the park, these pools open later than most hotels and public pools. Water park pools are usually open between 10 AM and 11 AM.

As a result of these opening hours, many people go to water parks halfway through the day and stay well into the afternoon. Often, people enjoy going to the pool later in the day, compared to early in the morning. Water parks may also stay open later than public pools because people want to take advantage of the entire day rather than just a couple of hours.

What Time Do Hotel Pools Open?

The time of year that hotel pools open depends on whether the pool is indoor or outdoor. For the most part, outdoor hotel pools close down during the winter if the weather is not warm year-round. Conversely, indoor pools stay open regardless of the time of year.

The opening time for a hotel pool is dependant on the hotel in which you are staying. The normal opening time range for most hotel pools is between 7 AM and 8 AM. These are ideal hours, as this is the typical time that people tend to get up to start their day.

Opening around 5 AM and 6 AM would likely cause disturbances to people asleep around that time. After all, not every person rooming at a hotel is on vacation. Many of the people staying at hotels are there solely for business. Consequently, these people often aren’t too thrilled with the idea of waking up to sounds of splashing and children yelling early in the morning. The last thing that the hotel staff wants to deal with is upset customers rooming near the pool. For this reason, hotels deliberately schedule their opening hours around certain times to avoid disturbances.

When is Opening Month for Pools?

Outdoor pools are closed for many months of the year unless they are hotel pools or a water park in a southern state. This is due to the weather changes that happen throughout the year and changes in the water temperature. The pools are closed during the colder seasons to protect many people from the dangers of freezing water.

Of course, the climate heavily varies depending on the area in which you live. These differences in temperature and weather conditions affect when pools open or close. Thus, your local pool’s opening time will change based on where you’re located.

Typically, pools open up in May around Memorial Day weekend. The temperature is ideal around this time of year for opening up the pool since the hot weather minimizes algae growth. Furthermore, since spring is nearing its end, there’s no longer much pollen drifting in the air to accumulate in the pool water.

It’s also worth noting that National Pool Opening Day occurs on the last Saturday of April (source). Of course, this day does not necessarily mean every single pool will open up, but it could be a benchmark to keep your eye on.

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