Editorial Policy

Editorial Integrity

Our mission here at HydroPursuit is to supplement the most useful, reliable, and accurate information about water sports. Our main driving purpose is to make HydroPursuit your practical and relevant content source for everything water sports.

The Content Creation Process

The HydroPursuit team is thoroughly committed to producing high quality user content by upholding superlative journalistic standards in the online water sports community. It is for this reason that the HydroPursuit team ensures that all content strictly observes the subsequent guidelines:

Originality – Each article that is written on this site is designed to be authentic and unique to avoid regurgitating material that is already available on the web. We achieve this by generating resourceful information that is both clear and concise, while infusing a taste of our own personality into the content itself. Any form of plagiarism is strictly prohibited.

Relevance – All published content on this site is specialized toward assisting you on your water sports journey. Any content that fails to meet this standard is promptly deemed unfit for publishing.

Sources – A substantial portion of presenting the best available information on water sports is making use of reputable sources that are renowned within the water sports community. It is for this reason that we do our very best to conduct our own studies and utilize primary sources wherever possible. We hold the relationship of trust between writer and reader very dearly.

Voice – The content is written from the perspective of the individual writer that is charged with writing the article. With this writing structure in place, we can contribute our own water sports experiences where it would make sense to do so. By sharing our own personal experiences, it is our goal to help you better understand the content without detracting from the purpose of the article itself.

The Editorial Process

Each piece of content is subjected to meticulous proofreading measures to guarantee that all of the content creation standards have been met prior to publishing. Every article is reviewed by a HydroPursuit team member to validate the authenticity of the information presented.

In the event that an article is identified as having fallen short of the content creation standards through the proofreading process, the article is reworked until it has met our expectation level.

Your Feedback is Welcome

Even with the rigorous writing and proofreading standards that have been put into place, there can be a couple of typos that slip through the cracks. If you happen to stumble upon one of these typos, feel free to contact us! We are always grateful for your feedback.