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HydroPursuit is a website committed to helping people uncover their passion for water recreation.

I’m Austin Carmody. I am the owner of HydroPursuit. I established this website to spread awareness for water recreation and create a hub for people looking to explore their aquatic fervor. Water recreation was a staple of my childhood. From tubing to jet skiing, or boating to scuba diving, I always found myself trying to get out on the water as much as I could.

The information that is shared on this website is a blend of personal experience and extensive Internet research. This way, you can have the utmost confidence that you’re visiting the best resource to answer your most complex questions regarding water sports. New content is published every week to keep this site up to date with the latest innovations in water recreation.

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Since its establishment in 2020, HydroPursuit has steadily expanded its reach in the online water recreation industry. It has expanded from a startup project with only a couple of viewers a month to thousands of unique viewers trickling in week after week. Be a part of the journey and join the HydroPursuit online community!