10 Valid Reasons Why Stand Up Paddle Boarding is So Fun!

The activity of stand-up paddleboarding, more commonly referred to as SUP, has been trending lately. Many people worldwide are beginning to take up SUP as a means of relieving stress and just having fun. However, those unfamiliar with SUP have a puzzling time understanding what all the buzz is about.

Is stand-up paddleboarding fun? I put together the following article to answer this very question. There is not just one answer to this question, but a multitude. Read further to discover the reasons why SUP might be your next fun pastime.

1.) Minimalism

One enjoyable aspect of stand-up paddleboarding is that it is not a hassle to do.

Remarkable Ease of Access

SUP can be performed on virtually any body of water. Whether it be an ocean or lake, river or canal, marsh or swimming pool, stand-up paddleboarders have no problem adjusting to the present aquatic conditions.

Other popular water sports do not have the luxury of such circumstantial flexibility. Surfing, for instance, demands sizable waves. Calm, flat water is not an option when it comes to surfing. Moreover, windsurfers require at least a bit of wind to gain some momentum on the water.

This convenience makes the SUP experience a whole lot easier on first-timers, which ultimately makes it a whole lot more fun.

Does Not Require A Ton of Equipment

In addition, all you really need is a paddleboard, a paddle, and a swimsuit to get out on the water. This is in marked contrast to other activities that demand a substantial amount of time and effort to get going.

Take snow skiing, for instance. There are several prerequisite steps that you have to trudge through to get yourself on the slopes. You have to drive out to the mountainside, wear heavy layers of warm clothing, rent winter skis, acquire goggles, buy a lift ticket, and check the conditions. Needless to say, this can get tiresome real quick. And I personally actually like snow skiing!

If you already have a paddleboard and a paddle, all you have to do is carry this equipment out to the water, and you are all set for your expedition. You can likely carry out the paddleboard and the paddle in one trip, considering how lightweight they are.

This minimalism is what makes SUP such a fun, easygoing water adventure.

2.) Allows Time for Relaxing Introspection

Many people consider SUP a form of unorthodox mediation in that it helps them escape the stresses of daily life and have a reason to unwind mentally while outdoors.

Get in Touch with the Tranquil Side of Nature

An enjoyable element of SUP is that you get to connect with your lust for nature.

This activity allows riders the opportunity to venture away from everyone and everything and cruise out on the water. Riders can enjoy the gentle rock of the waves and peruse the aquatic wildlife below.

Stand-up paddleboarders do not even have to have a final destination if they so desire. There does not have to be a central goal in mind with SUP. Riders can merely tour the water and observe the coastline to satisfy their curiosity about the natural environment around them.

Calm, Steady Paddling Rhythm

The fixed paddling rhythm of SUP also helps riders to settle into a meditative state.

There is something to be said about executing the perfect stroke and propelling yourself through the water. Getting the paddle blade in the water at just the ideal angle. Maximizing the use of all your muscles with one pull of the paddle. All of this puts the mind at ease. The constant paddling repetition paradoxically keeps your mind preoccupied yet frees your mind to think as well.

I find that it helps me to reach for the parts of my mind that I usually do not have the opportunity to take hold of in the bustle of daily life. It is a difficult feeling to explain. The only thing I know for sure is that it is a valid source of introspection that appeals to most first-time stand-up paddleboarders.

3.) The Whole Family Can Do It

Another fun prospect of SUP is that virtually anyone can take part that is willing to try. This means that the entire family can get out on the water and enjoy a SUP outing together.

Quick Learning Curve

Although there is a learning curve with SUP, this learning curve is not too steep. In fact, most novices can stand up and paddle within their very first session out on the water, regardless of whether they are young or old.

The beauty of stand-up paddleboarding is that there are not many prerequisite skills that are absolutely needed. The only real intimidating prospect for most individuals is balance. And even the balancing techniques required for SUP are easily taught.

This is because the stand-up paddleboard is specifically designed to provide a stable foundation for riders to stand on while out on the water. The average stand-up paddleboard is lengthier, wider, and thicker compared to your average surfboard. This extra material makes a substantial difference in supporting the standing position of riders and keeping them afloat.

You Can Even Bring the Children Out

The additional material of the stand-up paddleboard is not only able to support a single rider but also has the potential to carry two people.

Thus, the little ones that do not have the necessary strength or swimming capacity needed to man their own paddleboard can ride with an adult. With all of the excess material on the paddleboard, there is plenty of room for a child to sit and come along for the ride.

Many children revel at the opportunity to enjoy nature in this way. There are few other opportunities to feed their adventurous side by traveling out on the open waves.

4.) Fresh, Original Way to Strengthen Your Body

In addition, many people see stand-up paddleboarding as a fun and unique form of exercise.

Exercises a Variety of Muscles

Many people are under the mistaken notion that SUP only works your arms and nothing more. If you do not engage in proper form, this might be the case. However, if you paddle with the correct technique, you will displace the work throughout several muscles in the body.

The paddling stroke technique places a heavy emphasis on the latissimus dorsi (back), deltoids (shoulders), pectoralis major (chest), trapezius (traps), and rectus abdominis (core). All of these muscles carry the load of paddling if done correctly. There is no denying that SUP is a full-body workout.

A Nice Change-Up from the Run of the Mill Work Out Routine

Furthermore, SUP is unlike any other form of exercise out there.

The majority of people into fitness operate on a strict workout schedule, doing the same thing day after day. Running on a treadmill or lifting heavy weights without a break in routine can grow monotonous real quick. Every so often, it helps to have a workout that’s a change of pace to the norm.

SUP is one of the best ways to go about doing this. Not only do you work on an assortment of different muscles, but you also get to have fun while doing it! Absorbing all that nature has to offer while concentrating on the form of your paddle strokes has a way of taking your mind off the workout itself. It is a rare occasion that you get to burn off some extra calories while simultaneously enjoying the delicate sway of the waves.

5.) Exceptional Perspective on the Watery Depths Below

One compelling attraction to SUP that many people commonly overlook is the unique vantage point riders have on the water.

SUP Perspective versus The Perspective of Other Water Sports

In most other water sports, the participants must lie prone or sit for the majority of the time they are on the water.

Take kayaking, for example. Kayakers have to sit in cramped quarters for practically the entire expedition. There is no room to really stand or even lie back within the restricted space of the kayak. For this reason, kayakers never really have an ideal perspective on the aquatic landscape below.

The stand-up paddleboard provides ample room for riders to sit, kneel, lie back, and stand on the paddleboard. A unique vantage point is from the standing position. From this elevated height, stand-up paddleboarders have more of a bird’s eye view of the water.

Rather than having to peer over an edge and strain their neck to look down, stand-up paddleboarders merely have to tilt their head down slightly to get a peek at the depths underneath. This makes it far more fun for people that venture out on the water simply for exploratory purposes.

More Favorable View of Aquatic Wildlife

This elevated stance makes it much easier to observe the aquatic wildlife underneath in their natural habitat.

It is extremely captivating to see a school of fish dart past or see the kelp ripple with every wave. This view helps riders feel more in tune with the water without going the extra lengths of straining their neck and body to do it.

It may seem like a petty detail at first glance, but many seasoned stand-up paddleboarders can attest to how tremendous an advantage this perspective really is. So if you are looking for a fun way to get an unparalleled glimpse of aquatic wildlife, I would definitely recommend trying out SUP.

6.) Unconventional Way to Go Fishing

Many people are surprised to find that you can go fishing on your stand-up paddleboard.

The paddleboard is built to support a pretty hefty amount of weight. For this reason, riders have no problem paddling out to deeper waters with their fishing gear in tow.

This allows people who have a passion for fishing to discover new hot spots out on the water without going through the hassle of managing a boat. The only thing riders have to do is load up the paddleboard with their fishing gear, hop on the board themselves, and start paddling away.

This provides a fun way for people to spice up their next fishing adventure and change things up a bit from the norm. You get the benefits of SUP and the benefits of fishing all rolled up into one activity.

7.) Finally Quest Your Thirst for Exploration

Another element that makes SUP so fun is the prospect of exploration. The majority of people who take up SUP for the first time cherish the time they have to examine the water in a new light.

Traverse the Open Water

Riders that partake in SUP can move practically anywhere they desire on the water. If there is a particular area of interest they would like to explore further, there is no real obstacle preventing them from doing so.

Ordinary people that do not have many chances to enjoy the water in its most natural form jump at the opportunity to take an aquatic trek. Both the maneuverability and the clearness of vision that the paddleboard offers are unprecedented. There are not many better ways to simultaneously explore the coastline and the depths below.

Access Areas Where Boats and Cars Can’t

Furthermore, stand-up paddleboarders can gain access to areas that boats and cars cannot.

Boats and cars are big, bulky vehicles of transportation. In contrast, the paddleboard is rather lightweight and easy to navigate. For this reason, stand-up paddleboarders can cross into a vast assortment of aquatic environments that are closed off to boats and cars.

For example, paddle boards can cruise on river beds, marshes, shallow coves, and even nearby islands. Boats and cars cannot compete with this motility. Boats cannot access shallow depths of water, and cars are unable to reach any small, isolated islands.

This exploration phenomenon makes SUP all the more alluring to riders, ultimately making for a more fun experience overall.

8.) Rare Opportunity to Practice Yoga Out on the Water

Stand-up paddleboarders also have the unique opportunity to participate in yoga while floating atop the water.

When most people think of stand-up paddleboarding, they do not automatically make any sort of correlation to yoga. However, people worldwide have discovered that practicing yoga out on the water is more than a mere reverie.

Individuals have used the foundation of SUP as a springboard for this unorthodox form of yoga. SUP yoga has all of the benefits of land yoga, plus the bonus of being outside. Being able to take in the fresh sea breeze rather than being cooped up in a hot yoga studio is very alluring, especially to those who have a hankering for nature.

SUP also further tests the fitness of individuals with the challenge of first paddling out to calm water and then engaging in yoga following their trek. This adds another element of rigor to the workout without taking away from the fun of the yoga itself.

9.) Can Adjust the Tempo to Your Liking

Another source of attraction with SUP is the ability to modify the pace of this activity to whatever you prefer.

Stand-up paddleboarding has a broad range of slow-paced and fast-paced activities that people have the luxury of choosing from. It is really up to the rider to decide what tempo suits them best.

For instance, riders can leisurely tour a lake on flat, calm water and paddle at their own set pace. They can even lie down and sit if they feel like they need a break. There are not many other water sports where you can stop everything, sit down, and enjoy the sunset at the drop of a dime.

On the contrary, riders also have the opportunity to take the more up-tempo route. These riders can take on the challenge of surfing on harsh, choppy waves. They can even sign themselves up for SUP racing competitions to test the extent of their paddling ability.

Stand-up paddleboarding has an activity for nearly anyone looking to explore their passion for the water. It is just a matter of going out there and finding it.

10.) Welcoming Community

Lastly, stand-up paddleboarding is a rapidly expanding community open to anyone willing to try something new.

Since SUP is so easy to learn, there is always a fresh batch of people attempting SUP for the first time. One of the first things that SUP instructors tell their clients is not to be afraid to fail. For most first-timers, SUP is not meant to be a competition. Instead, it is meant to be a fun form of water recreation.

Those people who lose their balance and fall into the water often have a better time because of it. It is fun to laugh it off, hop back on the board, and try to paddle with renewed vigor.

Seasoned stand-up paddleboarders are aware that everyone has to start somewhere. For this reason, the SUP community strives to make everybody’s first SUP experience the best that it can be.

This community backing helps make the sport of SUP all the more fun.

The Bottom Line

So what are you waiting for? All of these fun reasons are just lying there in wait the next time you head for the water. Expand your comfort zone and try something new! Trust me, you will not regret it.

Austin Carmody

I am the owner of HydroPursuit. I enjoy kicking back and getting out on the water as much as I can in my free time.

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